Overhaul – Complete Watch Repair

With Our Complete (Overhaul) Service You Get

A Complete Watch Repair Service may be recommended following the diagnosis if the movement is no longer working properly and needs attention. This operation, supervised by a qualified watchmaker, should be carried out every five years. It includes the following operations:

    • Dismantling the watch
    • Overhauling the movement: dismantling, cleaning, reassembling (with repair if necessary) and oiling
    • Replacing all gaskets and battery (systematically)
    • Replacing other worn pieces if necessary:
      • Hands, crystal, push-buttons, dial, … (invoiced separately)
    • Polishing the case (and metal bracelet) only for watches in steel or yellow/red gold
    • Ultra-sound cleaning of the case and metal bracelet
    • Reassembling the watch
    • Checking the movement and adjusting it, if necessary
    • Closing the case back
    • Checking water-resistance
    • Testing the ghostwriter gesucht movement for 48 hours
    • Checking and adjusting the bracelet and clasp
    • A final functional and aesthetic check

All work carried out in a Complete Service is accompanied by an additional 12 month warranty.

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Optional Restorative Services Included

Repair or replacement of the bezel.

Replacement of the crystal if necessary.

Repairing or replacing the watch dial.

Restoration or replacement of watch hands.